Our story

When you visit the grand halls of Europe and see their magnificent wide
timber floorboards, there is one word that resonates above all others.


Even after many years, their floors remain classic and dignified.

When Lifewood began, we knew our journey would involve more than
just crafting fine timber flooring, we had to honour a history.

We needed to design a floor that could live up to its well-deserved reputation;
a floor that was durable, beautiful and timeless.

We started by sourcing the finest, sustainably grown French Oak and Australian
Hardwoods and then applied the same scientific technology that had seen
us achieve great success with our sister company, Bamboozle.

Using our patented StayFlat technology, we were able to create a floor
that could perform under any climatic conditions.

Design, however, was only one part of the process, and we were as equally
passionate about the end result. This prompted us to take ownership of every
part of the flooring process; manufacturing, sales, delivery and installation.

This was something rarely seen in the timber flooring industry, but for us,
it was the only way to ensure your experience was seamless from start to
finish. We know the sacrifice you make to own a beautiful timber floor,
this is the reason we work so hard to perfect our craft.

“Great service from start to finish.
Surperb floor! Thank you.”


Our awards