How to Avoid Damaging Your New Hardwood Floor

Want to know the best way to maintain your hardwood floor?

When it comes to good quality hardwood floors, scratches tend to occur only in the surface polish as a result of grit caught in the treads of boots or shoes, or loose sand and dirt.

Here are some very effectve ways to maintain your the shine of your new timber, or bamboo flooring.

Prevent scratches by removing stones and grit from shoe treads and taking off high heel shoes that have sharp points.

• Regularly moved furniture should be fitted with base-pads of felt. Non-felted furniture should be either carried or placed on a thick rug to move. Keep rugs or mats near the entrance and place a mat at the sink.

Remove surface dirt and dust using a fine broom or a dust mop. Fifteen years of experience has shown that cleaning Bamboozle Bamboo floors with micro fibre floor mops and light spray of water is most successful.

• To clean up spills, fill a spray bottle with vinegar solution, and spray the area before wiping it. Dry the area immediately.

Polish away any streaks. Drying the floor with a towel helps to polish the floor and remove any marks left from the dampness of the mop or cloth. Never use an oil-based cleaner.

Do not use Vacuums with a beater bar or a steam cleaner. Robotic vacuum cleaners have revolutionised the cleaning of polished floors.

• To further protect your floor, place rugs or runners in high traffic areas and at each doorway. Clean or shake out the rugs regularly.

Take care of stains quickly and properly. Use a damp cloth. Scrubbing or rubbing the floor aggressively will harm the finish and the wood.

Removing gum: Apply ice to harden the gum and then slowly peel off. Remove any remaining water and residue using a 1:4 vinegar water solution