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Driftwood Oak Flooring

Driftwood oak flooring beautifully combines the elegant feel of oak flooring with a modern look. With its textured surface and warm grey fills, Driftwood will turn your home into a space of peace and comfort.  

Like all our floors, Driftwood oak  is created using our patented Stabilised Solid® technology and is covered by a lifetime guarantee

Driftwood Oak Flooring Overview

French Oak flooring has an elegance that is hard to find in any other flooring product. It’s appeal hasn’t diminished over the years, and with the development of Lifewood’s extra long and extra wide floorboards, it is now in even higher demand.

French Oak is generally considered to be superior to other oak varieties: it has a higher tannin content, which in turn gives more colour variety; it has a tighter grain structure, meaning it is far more dense and it’s also a more stable timber, perfectly suited for Australia’s harsh climate.

Lifewood sources French Oak from a few trusted, well-managed plantations in France, including the Troncais forest, one of the finest in Europe which supplies sustainable French Oak from 200 to 250 year old trees. All our sources are PEFC accredited to ensure only sustainable sourced timber is used in the production of Lifewood French Oak floors.


SPECIES: Quercus robur


Floorboard thickness: 15mm
Floorboard length: 2200mm
Floorboard width: 220mm
Nosing length: 1800mm
Beadinglength: 1800mm

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