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French Oak Collection


French Oak flooring has an elegance that is hard to find in any other a flooring product. Due to its availability, strength and beauty, Oak became the most popular flooring material in both Europe and North America.

French Oak is generally considered to be superior to other oak varieties for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a higher tannin content than all oaks, which means it will react better to staining. This gives you more variety and more colours to choose from.

French Oak also has a tighter grain structure than other oaks meaning it is far more dense in structure. It’s also a more stable timber and is perfectly suited for Australia’s harsh climate.

Features of a Lifewood French Oak floor …


The natural colour tones of French Oak are subtle pale golden shades. French Oak also takes stains exceptionally well allowing the creating of a wide range of colours to match most decor.


Timber hardness is measured in a Janka rating, and each species of timber is given a rating. The higher the kN number, the greater the hardness. French Oak has a rating of 6.5kN.


Floorboard thickness      15mm
Floorboard width              220mm
Floorboard length             2200mm
Stair nosing length           1800mm
Splay beading length       1800mm

Some of our French Oak flooring selections

Double Smoked

Almost as mellifluous as smoke itself, a Double Smoked French Oak floor is light and soothing in appearance. A pale tea-coloured wash, it is the perfect gentle canvas for any style of interior design, making it a widely popular choice.


Naturale says it all: An easy, subtle pale finish, which enhances the natural qualities of the French Oak, without making them a strong feature.  A great canvas on which to base any look, and wonderful for creating a feeling of space within your home.

Limed Wash

In the Oak Collection, this is the colour which most brings out the beauty of the grain of French Oak. As the name suggests, the Lime Wash is a soft wash, cool in tone, which softly brings out the growth rings and waves of the original oak tree.

Golden Rum

Warm brown tones and distinctive growth ring highlights make Golden Rum an oak floor stand out..


Cognac delivers a classic warmth and style with its deep grey-brown background and  dark grey features.


A beautiful deep grey that delivers impact to any space. Easy to work with, Charcoal oak floors are an interior stylists delight.

Burnt Driftwood

With a smooth surface finish and a cool grey colour, Burnt Driftwood delivers a modern feel to the French Oak range..


Heritage has a timeless beauty that  brings a mixture of warm brown notes and grey tones to the French Oak.

Ice White

As the name suggests, the Ice White brings the cool tones of Scandinavia to any home.

“A Beautiful Life Starts From The Floor Up”

We believe that there is no greater contributor to the character of a home than timber flooring. There’s something about wood and it’s natural texture, warmth and presence. It creates a colour, mood and quality of light that is deeply satisfying.

We are certain that great timber flooring not only makes a better home, it makes a better life.

This is our why.

And our guarantees to you…

Guarantee #1

We guarantee your floor will match what you see in the showroom or your money back*

Guarantee #2

We guarantee the durability and scratch resistance of all of our floors. If your floor does not perform to industry standards, we’ll resurface the floor at our expense*

Guarantee #3

We guarantee your floor will stay flat and perform its role for a lifetime or we will replace, or repair your floor at our expense*

Guarantee #4

We guarantee to provide the industry’s highest standard of installation. If not, your installation is free*

Guarantee #5

We guarantee you won’t pay a cent more than our agreed price or additional expenses will be covered by Lifewood*

Guarantee #6

If you change your mind on your choice of floor at any stage before installation no penalties will apply*

Guarantee #7

We guarantee your floor will be installed at the agreed time. If not, we’ll pay your mortgage or rent until installation is complete*
A Lifewood floor is a lifetime choice, so we back it up with a warranty to match … lifetime cover.

“Our passion for timber craft saw us invent the world’s best floorboard”

Mark Hutchison, Founder Lifewood

We created the floorboard technology

No one in Australia can claim to have the same floorboard design as Lifewood. How do we know this? Because our design is patented. The unique three-layered structural design was created by Lifewood’s owner, Mark Hutchison, who is also a UWA educated scientist. It’s this design that makes our floorboards the best in the world.

The Lifewood patented Stabilised Solid technology creates a unique, highly reliable, solid engineered timber floorboard.

We are so confident our patented Lifewood floorboards will not cup or warp, that we guarantee them with a lifetime warranty.

With all the stresses that come with building and renovating, our aim is to deliver unwavering confidence in every step you take on every Lifewood floor.

Why Lifewood is a Better Long-term Flooring Choice

Handles moisture

Scratch resistant technology

Will not warp or cup

Easy to clean and maintain

Easily repair or replace individual floorboards

Re-sand and polished, multiple times

One job contact from beginning to end

Non-yellowing coating system

Easy to clean and maintain

Engineered to resist the natural movement

Multi-Award Winning Company

We Specialise In Fully Installed Floors

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We make the whole process from start to finish pain free and enjoyable!

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We used Lifewood flooring in our home and the results are amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of our experience from the showroom visit in the beginning, to the staff, the products and the installers. I recommend Lifewood…you wont regret it and you will have a flooring product you will love for life! Wendy Harris

Absolutely beautiful showroom in Osborne Park with incredibly attentive and friendly staff. Mark’s passion for delivering high quality, handcrafted timber floors is evidently clear from the moment you walk into the showroom. You can tell they genuinely care about finding the perfect floor for each individual customer. Would absolutely recommend! Natasha Twentyman

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