Beautiful floors are the heart of your home, the warm foundation you step into. Trust only the world leader in Stabilised Solid flooring for an exceptional, handcrafted finish. Accept only a lifetime guarantee for your home.

the lifewood family

Our Lifewood family is responsible for the smooth and flawless addition of an amazing wooden floor into your home, from design to finished installation. Choose, with us, from a range of luxurious hardwood floor designs, perfect for the Australian lifestyle and climate. 

Stabilised solid technology

Every floorboard is manufactured by Lifewood using our world-first, patented Stabilised Solid technology, guaranteeing your hardwood flooring will look the same on day one, and forever. Expect secure lead times, with stock held locally in our hardwood flooring Perth showroom. Trust our 16 years of experience, when a Lifewood-employed installer completes the beautiful floors in your home and hands you the lifetime warranty. No surprises, only joy.
“At Lifewood, we believe every home should be filled with happy memories. This is why we work so hard to ensure your timber flooring experience is faultless.”     Mark Hutchison – Founder / Managing Director

Lifewood handcrafted flooring collections

Know that every board in every beautiful timber we offer, from the range of Australian hardwoods, French Oaks and Bamboozle bamboo, is hand crafted using Stabilised Solid technology and guaranteed for life.

Australian Timber Collection

Choose from our range of stunning and durable Australian hardwoods, including Spotted Gum and NSW Blackbutt,  as well as WA classics Jarrah and Marri.

The French Oak Collection

Our French Oak range includes the latest on-trend colours, with contemporary greys, as well as traditional classics like Double Smoked and Naturale.

Bamboozle Bamboo Collection

Tough and durable, our Bamboozle bamboo flooring comes in modern colours and is a great option for the busy family home.

Our innovative, trustworthy technology

“Our patented Stabilised Solid flooring makes solid timber BETTER – it takes a product we’ve been using for many years and makes it truly amazing.”     

Mark Hutchison – Founder / Managing Director

Stabilised Solid flooring uses three layers of solid timber compressed together, with an unyielding core of engineered, cross-layered hardwood, designed by the qualified scientists who are also Lifewood’s founders. Our stunning, wide, hardwood floorboards, best displaying the timber you’ve fallen in love with, will not cup or warp under normal living conditions, because the Stabilised Solid patented process restricts the timber’s natural want to expand and contract.


Each hand-selected piece of beautiful timber is dried and aged to reduce moisture and movement. In a Lifewood floorboard the whole timber is used: The most striking 30 per cent of the wood is selected for the top layer plank. 40 percent of the timber, mostly the shorter sections, are used for the cross-layered core. Finally, the bottom layer is one full piece of the least attractive 30 per cent of the timber.


Using the same timber type right through the one floorboard not only increases termite resistance, but creates a very strong structure, with a consistent level of hardness, balance and harmony. The Stabilised Solid core protects against moisture, and all six sides of every board are coated with an extra moisture barrier, unlike other boards, which only coat the top surface.  This means you can trust that the exquisite timber floor canvas of your home is resilient to the effects of moisture, climate and today’s busy lifestyle.

Sustainablity … creating a better, beautiful world 

Lifewood is based on integrity – integrity to be the best people, have the best product and to behave in our world with best practice. This means practicing sustainability when it comes to timber.  All our hardwood flooring is sourced from carefully managed forests or salvage operations, and for every floor we lay we ensure replanting, guaranteeing timber for future generations.

Our technology means less timber waste. We select the most beautiful 30 per cent of the log for the top of the floorboard that you will see, feel, love. For traditional timber floors, that is it – the rest is discarded. But Lifewood goes on to use another 30 percent for the Stabilised Solid core, and the remainder for the base. The whole tree is created into an amazing floor for your home.

“We want to be a retailer with integrity and morals, producing floorboards that you touch, feel, fall in love with everyday… We want a floor that makes people feel good when they walk on it.”     

Mark Hutchison – Founder / Managing Director

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