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Transform Your Home With The World’s Best Floorboard, Designed and Created Right Here In Perth.

Discover How We Innovated The Timber Flooring Industry

“We believe a floorboard needs to not only look beautiful for life, but it needs to be created through a sustainable and responsible process.”

Mark Hutchison – Lifewood Founder

Why Lifewood is a Better Long-term Flooring Choice

Handles moisture

Scratch resistant technology

Will not warp or cup

Easy to clean and maintain

Easily repair or replace individual floorboards

Re-sand and polished, multiple times

Site supervisor for every job

Non-yellowing coating system

Engineered to resist the natural movement

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

With Lifewood patented “Stabilised Solid” technology we can guarantee your floor will last a lifetime.

1. No cheap substitutes

Each layer uses the same hardwood, creating superior stability and a higher resistance to termites.

2. Hand selected boards

Only the highest grade boards are selected for the top layer, creating colour consistency and a beautiful looking floor.

3. Patented hardwood core

Our unique engineering method stabilises the board and prevents movement of the wood, which can result in cupping and shrinking.

4. Totally sustainable

No part of the timber log is wasted. No other timber is required to construct our floorboards.

5. Hard wearing coating

Our custom formulated coatings bring our floors to life, highlighting their natural beauty and protecting them from damage.

6. Resandable

Our boards have a thick surface layer which can be sanded multiple times. Lifewood floors are designed to last a lifetime.

7. Low emissions

We use very low emission glue that is safe in your home and guarantees the boards do not delaminate. There is also no need for coatings to be applied in your home.

8. Moisture resistant

Our patented core design prevents moisture getting into the board. We then coat the entire board in a moisture barrier for added protection.

The Only Showroom In Perth Where You Can Actually Walk On Your Floor Before You Buy.

Experience our range of Bamboo, French Oak and Australian Timbers – Marri, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Jarrah.

We Make Your Experience As Stress-Free And Enjoyable as Possible

The experience of buying a new floor should not be something that causes anxiety and friction. We’ve spent 17 years not just developing a world-class floorboard, but also creating a world-class buying experience.

Our goal is to educate and inform you as much as possible, ensuring you find a floor that’s perfect for you and your family.

World-Class Craftsmen For Every Job

A beautifully designed floor can only reach its full potential if it’s installed by highly skilled craftsmen.

All of our installers are hand selected for their craftsmanship, family values, and passion for creating amazing flooring centrepieces.

Trusted by Perth’s Top Builders

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