Are you Dreaming of Spotted Gum Flooring for Your Home?

A Lifewood Spotted Gum floor needs to be experienced to appreciate it’s unique beauty and handcrafted construction.

9 Reasons to Choose Your New Spotted Gum Floor from Lifewood
  1. All our flooring is premium grade … no ugly bits!
  2. Our floors are designed to be moisture resistant … perfectly suitable for kitchens
  3. We are the manufacturer as well as the supplier and installer – Lifewood is the only company you will deal with from start to finish
  4. We stick your floor down – a much better and more stable solution than a floating floor
  5. We give you a Lifetime Warranty, on the flooring and the installation
  6. We only use patented, industry leading flooring technology, developed right here in Perth .. no plywood, or exotic timbers in our floorboards
  7. Our Spotted Gum floors are durable, easy to clean and simple to look after
  8. We use non-yellowing, scratch resistant coatings
  9. Your floor can be sanded and repolished multiple times in the future

Features of a Lifewood Spotted Gum floor …


Spotted Gum timber flooring is more varied in colour than the timbers in the rest of our range, which has become one of its more attractive features, displaying colour tones ranging from creams and rich browns to browns with grey undertones.


Timber hardness is measured in a Janka rating, and each species of timber is given a rating. The higher the kN number, the greater the hardness.
Spotted Gum has a rating of 11kN.


Floorboard thickness      15mm
Floorboard width             130 – 180mm
Floorboard length            1820 – 2100mm
Stair nosing length           1800mm
Splay beading length       1800mm

A Lifewood floor is a lifetime choice, so we back it up with a warranty to match … lifetime cover.

100% Spotted Gum – no cheap substitutes

“Our patented Stabilised Solid timber flooring makes solid timber BETTER – it takes a product we’ve been using for many years and makes it truly amazing.”     

Mark Hutchison – Founder / Managing Director

Three layers of solid Spotted Gum timber compressed together, with an unyielding core of engineered, cross-layered hardwood are key ingredients to Stabilised Solid flooring.  The qualified scientists, who are also Lifewood’s founders, designed this technology. The stunning, wide, Lifewood timber floorboards will not cup or warp under normal living conditions. This is because the Stabilised Solid patented process restricts the timber’s natural want to expand and contract.


Each hand-selected piece of beautiful Spotted Gum timber is dried and aged to reduce moisture and movement. In fact, the whole timber raw material is used in a crafting of a Lifewood floorboard.  The most striking 30 per cent of the wood is selected for the top layer plank. Another 40 percent of the timber, mostly the shorter sections, are used for the cross-layered core. Finally,  one full piece of the less attractive 30 per cent of the timber is used for the bottom layer. In this way the entire, precious timber log is utilised to make your beautiful Lifewood timber floor.


When we use Spotted Gum throughout the floorboard, it not only increases termite resistance, but creates a very strong structure. It also delivers a consistent level of hardness, balance and harmony. Furthermore, the Stabilised Solid core protects against moisture, and all six sides of every board are coated with an extra moisture barrier. This is unlike other boards, which only coat the top surface.  All this means you can trust that the exquisite timber floor canvas of your home is resilient to the effects of moisture, climate and today’s busy lifestyle.

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Our guarantees to you …

We guarantee that your floor will stay flat and perform its role for a lifetime or we will replace or repair your floor at our expense*

We guarantee to provide the industry’s highest standard of installation. If not, your installation is free*

We guarantee that if our installer leaves your home without cleaning up we will pay to have your home professionally cleaned*

We guarantee that you will not pay a cent more than the agreed price. Additional expenses will be covered by us*

We guarantee that if the coating on your floor doesn’t perform to industry standards, we’ll rectify the floor at our expense*

We guarantee that if you change your mind on your choice of floor before delivery, no penalties will apply*

We guarantee your floor will be installed at the agreed time. If not, we will pay your mortgage or rent until installation is complete*

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