Our Technology

Our technology

Why choose engineered, cross-layered timber and not solid timber?

Before we compare the two options, it is best to clarify what the above terms actually mean.

Engineered timber
TImber which has more than one layer.
At Lifewood, our engineered timber comprises of three layers.

Cross-layered timber
Our patented StayFlat technology is where the centre
layer of the floorboard is cross layered to maximise stability
(pictured to the left).

Solid timber
Timber which is one single solid board.

It is no secret that some solid timber floors are prone to cupping and warping after being installed,
especially when wider boards are used. This is why we made the decision not to sell solid
Australian hardwood timbers. The reality is, we simply wouldn’t be able to offer our customers
the security of a lifetime warranty.

We tried many ways of doing so, but solid Australian hardwoods are just inherently flawed.
Instead, we created a floorboard specifically designed to stay flat in our climate. That is, after
all, what we want from a floor. Particularly, with all the stresses that come with building
and renovating, we want to be the one final piece of the puzzle that is able to deliver peace of
mind, rather than subject people’s homes to what is essentially a gamble.

Manufacturing solid timber floors also produces a lot of wastage. As only premium grade material
is selected, the rest of the timber is disposed of. We feel that our Australian Timber and French
Oak is too precious to us to justify such wastage, so we ensured a more sustainable use of
them, without compromising on looks or longevity.

Download the Stayflat fact sheet

No one in Australia can claim to have the same
floorboard design as Lifewood.

How do we know this? Because our design is
patented. The unique three-layered structural design
was created by Lifewood’s owner, Mark Hutchison,
who is also a UWA educated scientist. It’s this design
that makes our floorboards the best in the world.

“We pride ourselves in only dealing with top quality products as we
believe that our customers deserve to build and live with the absolute
best. The [StayFlat] product that Lifewood has developed is only
innovative and new to the industry, but it gives us, as a builder,
confidence that the product is going to result in a beautiful looking,
long lasting floor for our customers.”

Del Romano

Founder & Managing Director of Bluestone Developments PTY LTD