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Species: Eucalyptus Patens

100% Real WA Blackbutt Flooring From Top To Bottom

Beautiful Perth Homes With WA Blackbutt Timber Flooring

The natural beauty of West Australian Blackbutt flooring will bring your home to life

West Australian Blackbutt timber is strong Australian hardwood also known as Swan River Blackbutt, and Yarri.

This beautiful rich species of timber can be found growing naturally from the Perth area of Western Australia through to the South West down to Albany.

The heartwood can range from a light blonde to a dark brown in colour. West Australian Blackbutt is known for its hardness and durablility reinforced with its interlocked grain structure, making it an ideal structural timber and perfect for timber flooring.

Not only is durable, but it looks amazing.

West Australian Blackbutt timber flooring carries a rich golden brown colour creating a light energy and beautiful feeling of warmth throughout the home.

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WA Blackbutt Flooring Information

Colour: WA Blackbutt is a light golden-brown, recognised by it’s “cat’s paw” feature grain. This exclusive timber is perfect for those looking for “something not too dark and not too light” while adding a real touch of class.

Janka Hardness Scale: 6.9Kn

Origin: WA Blackbutt is also know by it’s native name ‘Yarri’. It is a natural distribution that coincides closely with that of Jarrah, from near Perth in the north of Albany on the south coast. Our WA Blackbutt is sourced from government managed forestry operations – a PEFC accredited source.

WA History: Blackbutt’s main use has been in flooring, although in the past it was used for general construction, case manufacture, sleepers, flooring and paneling.

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