Bring your apartment to life with the natural beauty of timber and bamboo flooring

“Don’t let sound restrictions and regulations prevent you from having a beautiful life with natural timber flooring.”

Are you struggling to create the look you want in your new apartment due to sound insulation issues?

When building or renovating an apartment it’s essential to take noise reduction precautions to make sure your home is compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards.

People in the apartment buyer’s market, or owners looking to renovate, are mistakenly told that their flooring options are limited to just carpet or tiles due to the BCA criteria for impact noise transmission in buildings.

At Lifewood we find it unacceptable to have your personal design preferences restricted to such limited choices. This is why we have ensured our whole collection of Timber, French Oak and Bamboo floors are available and adaptable for all living scenarios.

We have taken the most requested floor finishes and matched them with the Regupol® Acoustic Underlay that best suits the application. This is Regupol® Acoustics Systems, simplified for timber floor coverings.

“Simply choose your floor you love and we’ll soundproof it for Australian BCA compliancy”

The Lifewood Slotted PE Mat System Explained

The Lifewood 5mm Slotted PE Mat System is specifically designed to minimise noise transfer.

1. The system comprises the use of a polyethylene (PE) foam matting that is laid on top of the concrete slab.

2. Low emission, flexible adhesive is applied into the slots into the matting.

3. The floorboards are installed perpendicular to the slots to bind the floor onto the concrete.

4. Expansion gaps around the edges of the rooms act to reduce sound transmission laterally.


Why do you need an Australian BCA compliant floor?

The BCA’s objectives are to the safeguard occupants in residential buildings from illness or loss of amenity resulting from excessive noise.

The BCA Part F5.4 sound insulation rating of floors, requires a floor in a Class 2 or 3 building to have an impact sound insulation rating of no less than Ln,w 62.

The Ln,w rating is a measure of the ability of the floor system to suppress footfall noise and noise from other impacts. The lower this rating, the higher the impact sound reduction performance of the system.

Advantages of the Lifewood 5MM Slotted PE Mat System

Cost effective solution for meeting BCA standards

Excellent sound dampening qualities

Minimise construction heights

Can be walked on during installations

Easy and safe to install

No harmful emissions

Excellent adhesion qualities

“A Beautiful Life Starts From The Floor Up”

We believe that there is no greater contributor to the character of a home than timber flooring. There’s something about wood and it’s natural texture, warmth and presence. It creates a colour, mood and quality of light that is deeply satisfying.

We are certain that great timber flooring not only makes a better home, it makes a better life.

This is our why.

And our guarantees to you…

Guarantee #1

We guarantee your floor will match what you see in the showroom or your money back*

Guarantee #2

We guarantee the durability and scratch resistance of all of our floors. If your floor does not perform to industry standards, we’ll resurface the floor at our expense*

Guarantee #3

We guarantee your floor will stay flat and perform its role for a lifetime or we will replace, or repair your floor at our expense*

Guarantee #4

We guarantee to provide the industry’s highest standard of installation. If not, your installation is free*


Guarantee #5

We guarantee you won’t pay a cent more than our agreed price or additional expenses will be covered by Lifewood*

Guarantee #6

If you change your mind on your choice of floor at any stage before installation no penalties will apply*

Guarantee #7

We guarantee your floor will be installed at the agreed time. If not, we’ll pay your mortgage or rent until installation is complete*

A Lifewood floor is a lifetime choice, so we back it up with a warranty to match … lifetime cover.

“Our passion for timber craft saw us invent the world’s best floorboard”

Mark Hutchison, Founder Lifewood

We created the floorboard technology

No one in Australia can claim to have the same floorboard design as Lifewood. How do we know this? Because our design is patented. The unique three-layered structural design was created by Lifewood’s owner, Mark Hutchison, who is also a UWA educated scientist. It’s this design that makes our floorboards the best in the world.

The Lifewood patented Stabilised Solid technology creates a unique, highly reliable, solid engineered timber floorboard.

We are so confident our patented Lifewood floorboards will not cup or warp, that we guarantee them with a lifetime warranty.

With all the stresses that come with building and renovating, our aim is to deliver unwavering confidence in every step you take on every Lifewood floor.

Why Lifewood is a Better Long-term Flooring Choice

Handles moisture

Scratch resistant technology

Will not warp or cup

Easy to clean and maintain

Easily repair or replace individual floorboards

Re-sand and polished, multiple times

One job contact from beginning to end

Non-yellowing coating system

Easy to clean and maintain

Engineered to resist the natural movement

Multi-Award Winning Company

We Specialise In Fully Installed Floors

6,500+ Happy Customers

We make the whole process from start to finish pain free and enjoyable!

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Over 6,500 happy customers and counting

Amazing customer service. Tricia went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the purchase and the whole process. Installation was quick and no fuss. Would definitely recommend them 🙂
Carol Viera

Absolutely first class service and follow up. Could not be happier with the finished product.
Mark Harrison

We used Lifewood flooring in our home and the results are amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of our experience from the showroom visit in the beginning, to the staff, the products and the installers. I recommend Lifewood…you wont regret it and you will have a flooring product you will love for life!
Wendy Harris

Absolutely beautiful showroom in Osborne Park with incredibly attentive and friendly staff. Mark’s passion for delivering high quality, handcrafted timber floors is evidently clear from the moment you walk into the showroom. You can tell they genuinely care about finding the perfect floor for each individual customer. Would absolutely recommend!
Natasha Twentyman

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