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Every staircase is different and every homeowner will have different style preferences.

Simply visit the Lifewood showroom and our team of timber stairs Perth consultants will walk you through the range of timber staircases design options and help you create a beautiful art piece in your home.

Modern staircase design with timber flooring has 3 essential elements

Timber Stair Nosing

Timber Stair Nosings

The over-hanging edge at the top of the stair treads.

Stair nosings get the most wear of a step and require either an anti-slip adhesive strip or coating to meet industry regulations.

All Lifewood stair nosings are precoated with an unnoticeable anti-slip finish.

Timber Stair Risers

A stair riser is the vertical section of a step which fills the distance from one step to the next.

The riser is the most visible part of a step when looking from the bottom requiring that perfect finish.

Timber Stair Riser
Timber Stair Tread

Timber Stair Treads

The flat surface area completing the top section of the step.

Open treads are individual steps made of solid wood which don’t require risers or nosings.

See examples of open tread staircases below.

Explore our wide range of timber staircase designs

Between Walls or Stringer

Staircases that are between walls or stringers will consist of a tread, riser and nosing and finish flush with the wall or stringer edge.

One Returned End

One side of the staircase is exposed requiring a nosing edged finish or a flush (waterfall) finish.

Two Returned End

Both sides of the timber staircase are exposed requiring a nosing edged finish or a waterfall finish.

Timber Stair Landings

Customised landings and solid tread landings of Lifewood timber stairs Perth homes

Open Stair Treads

Solid tread steps connected to a central steel spine or a steel side rail stringer

Timber Winders

Angled steps used to change the direction of the staircase design without requiring a landing

Timber Waterfall Stairs

Square finished edges

How does Lifewood timber flooring make differences





Custom designs

Remove the overhanging stair nosing to create a flush finish on each step

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Every Lifewood timber staircase design is created with our patented Stabilised Solid technology… 100% real timer engineered to last a lifetime

Every floorboard is manufactured using our world-first, patented Stabilised Solid® technology.

Adaptable to all styles of staircase design

Lifewood Timber Staircase Designs

Timber Flooring Glossary

Understand timber staircase design terms to help express exactly what you are looking for.

  • Stringer: The housing on either side of a staircase when not attached to a wall
  • Winder: Steps that are narrower on one side than the other used to change stair direction
  • Tread: The top section of the step where you put your feet
  • Riser: The space steps found in closed tread staircase designs
  • Kite: The middle step in a winder which creates a 90 degree angle
  • Bull nosing: A rounded edged nosing
  • Square nosing: A squared edge nosing
  • Waterfall: A flush stair finish which doesn’t have an overhanging nosing
  • Open tread: Staircase design where all steps are joined
  • Closed tread: Staircase design where steps are individualised and not attached to each other
  • Spine: Central beam which supports steps of open tread staircase (also known as a mono stringer)
  • Landing: Flat section of a staircase used to divide step areas
  • Floating floor: An installation method where the tongue and groove are glued together and laid over foam underlay
  • Direct stick: The installation method of gluing floorboards directly to the sub-floor

A beautifully designed floor can only reach its full potential if it’s installed by highly skilled craftsmen.

All of our installers are hand selected for their craftsmanship, family values, and passion for creating amazing flooring
centrepieces. From spiral staircase design to intricate curved steps, the installation team from Lifewood will turn your staircase into artwork.