How To Choose A Timber Floor Perfect For Your Home

Learn more about different types of timber floors and how to choose the best type for you

It can be tricky knowing how to choose a timber floor, especially if you are on a budget.

As a buyer you might be wondering what you need to consider when purchasing timber flooring Perth.

The question on most buyer’s minds is how much will the flooring cost and how long will it last? If you choose a timber floor of low quality, then it will not last as long and potentially end up costing you more in the long term to maintain it.

However, if you choose a timber floor of higher quality it will have more chance to stand the test of time without the need to prematurely replace your floor.


What Types Of Timber Floor Are There To Choose From?

When choosing the correct type of flooring there is a choice between hardwood, timber or ceramic with each having its own benefits.

If you want your floors to last a long time choose timber floor. It also depends how the floor is laid, for example, timber floor is going to last longer than floor that is floated or simply glued down. Temporary timber floors Perth cannot be polished or sanded, whereas engineered timber floors can.

Generally speaking the thinner the top layer, the cheaper the wood and the sooner you will have to replace it. If you have a glorious home in a superb location you don’t want to put a cheap, floating floor in as it will devalue your home.

By investing in a high quality floor you will increase the value of your property and be able to sell it for a higher price. Furthermore, the floor will last the length of your stay in the property.

Image: Lifewood Spotted Gum installed throughout kitchen, sunken living area with step from passageway.

Timber Flooring Gloss Levels And Color

When choosing a timber floor consider the gloss level and colour. If you want something warmer you will choose a darker color. If you do not get a lot of light in the home, choosing a lighter colored floor will bring the light back into the home.

Darker colors shrink the room, whereas lighter floors open the space up. Getting the color right is very important for the floor and the grain pattern. The level of shine on flooring makes a big difference. Sheen reflects light almost like a mirror that bounces light off it. You will also need to ask your flooring shop if sunlight will damage your timber floor.

There are three different levels of sheen for hardwood floor; Satin, Semi-Gloss and Matte. Semi-Gloss reflects much more light, the floor will look glossier and glass-like in appearance. Low gloss makes the floor look duller and absorbs light.

Matching Furniture With Timber Floor

Try to match your furniture with the floor color and pattern so the colors do not clash. An oak floor will be very European, bamboo is modern and contemporary. The floor must compliment the home and not clash with it.

Historically people only had a solid timber floor which they would lay in their home, then sand and polish after installation. Now other alternatives have come into fashion for a lower cost. Floors like laminate and thinner top coats are cheaper, opening up a cheaper options for the timber flooring industry. The trade off though is cheaper floors do not have the same look of quality.

When you lay a solid timber floor it needs to be sanded and polished which unfortunately includes some emissions. People with allergies, lung problems and asthma would be best to stay out of the house when the floor is being sanded and polished.

Image: Dark Ebony Bamboo flooring to match modern interior design layout.


Functionality comes down to how well the floor suits your lifestyle. Who is in the home and how clean does it need to be? A moisture resistant floor is suitable for pets and children. Durability and density of timber also need considering.

Bamboo flooring, being the hardest of all timber flooring options, is an excellent choice for people who have young children and pets.

Timber flooring lasts a long time, it is comfortable to walk and sit on, it is better for people who have allergies and it is easy to maintain. High traffic areas of flooring will require buffing and re-coating every three to four years. This is not simply to maintain the look of it but, to keep its moisture resistance, stop warping and other difficulties.

One problem with timber flooring is that if you get a big scratch, it will require sanding back and re-coating the whole patch and this can make it more expensive. When timber is well sealed it will prevent spills, chemicals and stains, but when kept unsealed it will catch each stain, dent and scratch.

Timber is available in different hues from dark to light. The shade varies depending on the type of tree, grade of wood, decorative styles and finishes chosen. The highest quality timber is derived from the heartwood it gives uniform color and has less knots and varieties.

Areas of the home that will be used more, like hallways and kitchens will require a better quality covering of timber than quieter places in the home. If you choose timber floor for your home then you will not be sorry. It is a wonderful choice of wood for floors and adds value to the home too.

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