5 Interior design predictions for 2024 to inspire your flooring journey

Jan 19, 2024 | Flooring trends, Interior Design

Natural tones, things hand made and textural, vibrant retro and sustainable choices continue to gain momentum in 2024.
With a gradual move away from the grey, minimalist approach we’re seeing an emerging love of all things natural, rustic, textural and colourful. Timber flooring continues to be a versatile design element and we hope you find  inspiration from the trends we predict will continue to be popular guides to your unique style.

1. Neutrals, warm colours and muted greens

Soft neutral tones continue offer a calm and elegant feel to any space in 2024. This dosn’t have to mean a one dimensional, bland palette, with muted greens in soft furnishings, cabinetry and paint choice. Working particularly well with both dark and light French Oaks, we’ve spotted our Blackbutt with fresh and soft green to lift a kitchen renovation.

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2. Bold colour and nostalgia

This trend is about mixing styles from the 60s to the 80s, an era of change in design and architecture. Colourful with a sense of fun and optimism, you just need to find the floor that resonates with your style. Installations featuring our Marri, French Oak Norway and French Oak Blackforest reveal just how versatile this trend is for choice of flooring.

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3. Sustainable and Innovative

Increasingly there is concern around the longevity of materials. Fortunately our patented design ensures your floor can be refreshed every 10 to 15 years or up to four times, reducing waste and demand for flooring materials of all kinds. While not a typical trend, interior design experts forecast that looking for sustainable products for the home will continue to be an important consideration.

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4. Rustic grain and knots

Texture and imperfections in everything from flooring to ceramic glazes to hand woven textiles. The beauty of nature and hand made continues to be a popular style. Our Rustic Blackbutt is a perfect fit with its character knots and gum veins. That said, our American timbers and French Oaks also tie in beautifully with the rustic, natural look.

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5. Naturals with luxe fittings

Timber flooring complimented by wallpaper and lighting continues to gain momentum as an interior design choice. Staircase lighting in particular  creates a more dynamic, architectural centre piece in the home, lighting the way and highlighting the natural beauty of your timber of choice. We’ve seen our Marri, American Black Walnut and French Oaks as popular choices for this trend.

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Sneak Peak – Kitchens on the horizon

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year with the arrival of Seaform kitchen displays in our showroom in the coming months. In the meantime our design team is ready to create the kitchen or wardrobe design of your dreams. See more designs in the link.

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