Enjoy The Hard-Wearing Beauty Of Bamboo Flooring

– All Our Floors Are 100% Bamboo From Top To Bottom

– We Offer Lifetime Warranty On All Bamboozle Floors

– Walk On Our Pre-finished Boards The Day They’re Installed

Sustainability With The Look & Feel Of Solid Timber

Unlike hardwood floors, bamboo is not harvested from trees. Bamboo is one of the largest, naturally ecologically sustainable and renewable grasses. It grows rapidly and in the wild, can replenish itself in just a few years.

Its growth and harvesting has no effect on local human or animal populations. Pandas neither inhabit nor eat the MOSO bamboo species used by Bamboozle. Harvested after 5 to 6 years, Bamboozle plantations are grown without herbicides, chemical fertilisers, and pesticides.

Bamboo floor planks are manufactured by slicing or shredding the stalk of the bamboo grass plant, and then adhering the pieces back together using heat, pressure, and an adhesive. Using a unique and patented stabilising process, cross layering provides superb strength, hardness and durability.

Caramel Bamboo

Innovative Perth Based Company

Seventeen years ago when our founder Mark first created bamboozle, the biggest problem in the timber and bamboo flooring industry was that solid bamboo would warp over time, not holding its form.

This frustration led Mark to spend years developing, testing, and through trial and error created what is now the world’s strongest floorboard.

It’s this technology which enables us to give you a lifetime warranty on all our our floors.

Honey Bamboo

9 Ways Our Boards Stand Out From The Pack

1. Our flooring is designed to handle moisture making them a great choice for kitchens

2. All of our floors are designed with scratch resistant technology

3. We guarantee your floorboards will not warp or cup

4. Our floors are easy to clean and maintain and will continue to look good over time

5. In the event of an accident, we can easily repair or replace individual floorboards

6. Your floor can be re-sanded and polished, multiple times

7. Both the manufacturer’s warranty and product warranty is covered by us. One contact

8. Our 7 layer non-yellowing coating system will stop any premature ageing of your floor

9. Our floorboards are engineered to resist the natural movement of solid timber, including shrinking and expansion, which causes cupping

Mocha Bamboo

We’ve Laid Over 7,000 Floors In Perth

From the moment you walk into our showroom, to installation and clean up, we strive to make the process of working with us as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Ebony Bamboo

Professional Installation For True Peace Of Mind

We understand that each and every client has different needs and requirements which is why our team of world-class installers are focused on realising your dream floor. All our installers are artists in their trade and perfectionists in their work. We don’t just lay your floor, we take care of every detail along the way.


  • Timber flooring craftsmen on all jobs
  • Dedicated site manager to liaise with throughout the whole process
  • Flexibility to work in with your schedule
  • Pre-site inspection to clarify your needs
  • Full rubbish removal

Beautiful Staircase Creations

Experience Our Friendly 20 Minute Showroom Tour

We know how daunting it is to decide on your new floor and we don’t won’t you to get it wrong. To tackle this we’ve created a friendly showroom experience to help you find clarity around what floor is perfect for you. In a quick 20 minute visit one of our flooring consultants can show you all our floors laid in our Osborne Park showroom and go over the following points.

  • What type of timber or bamboo is suitable for your family and lifestyle
  • What colour and feature would blend well with your decor
  • The different installation options available
  • Intricate details such as stair nosings or curved walls
  • Available additions such as skirting, carpet removal, moving furniture

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