Let our new wide French Oaks elevate your style

Apr 5, 2024 | French Oak, New Range

A new level of interior style has arrived ..
We’re pleased to reveal our new 260mm wide range of French Oaks in 8 colours and looks. This new wide board allows for grain patterns and knots to be reveal as a more authentic representation of French Oak. This eye catching width sets a new bar height for interior style and has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

Black Beauty

This exclusive colour was developed to achieve the most natural looking burnt wood effect, a process designed to enrich the texture and produce a 3-dimensional surface. Handcrafted to create beautiful black tones that bring the natural imperfections to life.


Tang Dynasty

Tang Dynasty Oak flooring takes you back to a time when Oaks were used to build houses and preserved using burning techniques. These techniques expose and highlight the deep grain patterns in the surface, taking you back to an old Tang Dynasty village.

Shipwreck Oak

Our specialised aging technique has been used to incorporate definition in texture and colouring. The application of our customised stain is designed to replicate the timber boards found in tall ships of old.

English Oak

Inspired by the owner of Lifewood when he saw the beautiful mid tone, brown boards of Windsor Castle. Treated wih an exclusive stain that has a natural low gloss finish takes you back to an era when oak was grandeous.Its’ neutral base is appealing to any home decor.

Farmhouse Oak

Reminiscent of a relaxing European holiday, this floor is deliberately imperfect showing its natural beauty, with knots and cracks that make each floor unique. The magnificent presence of wavy grains and scattered knots enhance the beauty of its’ modern countryside look.

Classic Oak

The luxurious finish deliberately gives you the feel of natural timber, with its beautiful soft understone and natural imperfections creating a neutral backdrop that will suppot any decor.

Nordic Oak

The essence of the Nordic forest creates an atmosphere of simplicity with gentle tones and soft colours. Where every step evokes a sense of harmony and calm, bringing nature into your home.

Alpine White

Alpine White exudes opulence with its warm white hues and delicate sandy undertones, infusing your space with a heavenly ambiance of refined tranquility and beauty.

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French Oak Charcoal Staircase design
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