Meet our craftsman installers

Apr 19, 2024 | Company Stories, Floor Installation

Our craftsman installers bring your floor to life with their experience and eye for precision.
Take a walk behind the scenes and see the incredible work our craftsman installers do to bring your new timber floor to life.

From inspecting and sorting your boards to installation and finishing, our experienced flooring installers produce a high quality finish that completes the look of your new floor.


Before flooring can be installed, some preparation is needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. With the level check done prior and high spots ground back if required, the concrete subfloor is coated in a moisture barrier. This is typically done the day before or early on the day of installation. Boards are already delivered and the installer unpacks grouping the boards by length, this also gives the installer an opportunity to see the boards and get a sense of the look, features like grain and knots which influences board choice during installation. A line is set to ensure the boards run straight and even from room to room, with no shift in direction.


Sub Floors

Our timber flooring is typically glued directly to a concrete subfloor, however occasionally there is a need to have another layer beneath or between the concrete and the timber. Apartments are often required to have acoustic matting so checking with your strata body prior to choosing your floor is essential. In some instances ply is installed first to bring varying floor levels into alignment. This is something you may experience if renovating.

Precision and experience

An eye for precision is key to bringing the best our of your new timber floor. Cladding staircases and high end installations such as Herringbone pattern takes particular carpentry skills and inherently take more time. The end result is stunning timber floor or staircase that will stand the test of time.
Flooring Installation
Flooring Installation
Flooring Installation

Need help choosing the perfect floor?

Our entire collection of timbers are laid in-situ to give you a reflection of how your floor will look and feel in your home.

Visit our showroom and we can help you choose the perfect floor to suit your home and lifestyle.

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