Australian Blackbutt Timber with a Timeless Rustic look


Iconically Australian, Uniquely Beautiful

With its incredible hardness, Rustic Blackbutt is designed to stand up to the rigors of busy Australian households, offering a lifetime of aesthetic and functional excellence.

Its distinct grain patterns, gum veins, and natural elements make each plank a unique masterpiece, ensuring that your floor is not only stunning but also uniquely yours.

Patented Design

Lifetime Warranty

Sustainably sourced

ethically manufactured

Marri timber floorboard 180mm

Real timber from top to bottom

Cross engineered structure with 3 layers of solid Blackbutt timber.


A New Standard in Durability

Rustic Blackbutt isn’t just another flooring option; it’s a long-term investment in your home. Known for its remarkable hardness, this timber withstands the test of time, traffic, and the hustle and bustle of busy Australian households. Make the smart choice for a lifetime of durability.


A flooring centrepiece, unique to your home.

When you choose Lifewood’s Rustic Blackbutt, you’re not just selecting a flooring solution, you’re acquiring a personalised masterpiece for your home. Each Rustic Blackbutt plank is an individual work of art, featuring its own distinct grain, gum vein, and natural elements.

With Lifewood, your floor becomes an exclusive canvas, transforming your home into a gallery of natural beauty.

Rustic Blackbutt Entry
Rustic Blackbutt Livingroom 3

A Vibrant Alternative to Marri which won’t darken over time

Unlike Marri, Rustic Blackbutt doesn’t darken dramatically over time. Its vibrant look and feel are not just temporary features; they’re everlasting qualities. It’s the timber that ages gracefully, making your home’s future as bright as its present.

Bring the natural beauty of Rustic Blackbutt into your home.

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“We only offer tree species where we know we can certify the origin and it’s completely sustainable.”– Mark Hutchison, Founder

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