Bamboozle Bamboo Collection


The toughness and durability of Bamboozle bamboo flooring is hard to find in any other a flooring product. Due to its strength and resilience, it is a popular flooring material for young families and active households.

Bamboozle was the founding company of Lifewood. We are very proud of our Bamboozle heritage and all that this business has taught us over 16 years. With our ever expanding product range that now includes beautiful timber floors it became necessary for us to re-brand the Bamboozle business to Lifewood – Handcrafted Flooring. So Bamboozle has now become the brand name of our exclusive range of fashionable bamboo floors.

Bamboozle bamboo floors have been internationally recognised for their beauty and innovation and have become the benchmark for the flooring industry. Bamboozle was the pioneer of this industry and has continued to design and launch fashionable colours and finishes that can inspire a wide variety of home interiors. You can trust that Bamboozle floors will be hard wearing and sustainable.

Check out our latest collections below or visit our Bamboozle website to find more inspiration behind this amazing product range.

Some Bamboozle bamboo flooring inspiration …

Features of a Bamboozle floor …


Bamboozle bamboo flooring comes in a range of colour options for suit all decors. From the natural golden yellow tones, through to deep browns, as well as stained surface colours in blacks and whites.


Timber hardness is measured in a Janka rating, and each species of timber is given a rating. The higher the kN number, the greater the hardness.
Bamboozle bamboo has a rating of 14.7kN.


Floorboard thickness      15mm
Floorboard width             140 – 190mm
Floorboard length            1850mm
Stair nosing length           1830mm
Splay beading length       1830mm