Timber Flooring Osborne Park: Which Shop Suits You Best?

Timber Flooring Osborne Park / wood flooring Osborne Park

Timber Floors Osborne Park: How to Choose the Best Wood Floor for Your Lifestyle

Lifewood Timber Flooring - Staircase & Passage

When shopping for a timber floor in Perth it makes sense to go to Osborne Park. Osborne Park is filled with builders, building suppliers, but more importantly the greatest number of timber floor shops in all of Perth.

Timber flooring, wood flooring shops in the Osborne Park area are plentiful. To name a few – Woodpecker, BJ’s Timber Floors, Chelsea Flooring, Planet Timbers, Embelton, Titan Timber Flooring, Solomons Flooring – all in under 5 minutes driving distance.

Each shop has their own team of specialized workmen to create superior quality and warmth to the best products.

But which timber flooring shop is best for you?

Let’s take a look at these different timber flooring companies in Perth and decide how they all compare to each other based on quality, price, and range of timber flooring.

Timber Floor Shops in Osborne Park

Choosing a Timber Floor in Osborne Park Based On Budget

When shopping for timber flooring, you should first consider your budget then choose the type of timber flooring appropriately. Like most things, the more you pay for your timber floor, the better you can expect the quality, look and lifespan of the product.


$50 Per Square Meter Budget

If you’re looking to spend around $50 per square metre you will want to look at options with laminate floors, floating floors, and some very cheap engineered timber floor.

This is a type of floor you would find in an IKEA store which has a store close by in Osborne Park.


$100 Per Square Meter Budget

Osborne Park has a lot of centrally located carpet stores which will also offer a range of timber flooring products – Carpet Call, Carpet Court, Trevor’s Carpets.

In this price range you can find several options such as look-a-like timber, laminate and cheap engineered floor. You will also see vinyl tiles which are a tile product that looks like timber.

Carpet shops tend to have a large range of timber substitute floors to match their carpet colours.

Spotted Gum Floor - Kitchen, Dining & Lounge

IMAGE: Lifewood pre-finished Spotted Gum can be installed in just days and walked on immediately

$150 Per Square Meter Budget

With a slightly higher budget you can start looking at timber flooring retailers. Being primarily timber flooring stores, you can expect to find a high-quality engineered timber floor, or even a solid timber floor.

With this type of flooring you should expect a direct stick installation appose to a floating floor. Direct stick is for more permanent, longer lasting floors as it allows for re-sanding and polishing in the future.

Timber Flooring stores in Osborne Park in this range – Focus on flooring, Choices Flooring, Planet Timbers, BJ’s Timbers


Perth’s Premium Timber Flooring: $149 – $189 (fully installed)

If you’re looking for a premium timber floor, which is a solid timber floor equivalent or a premium grade engineered floor, you need to come and visit us at Lifewood Timber Flooring.

Lifewood offers a very personalised shopping experience with it’s award winning showroom, friendly staff and remarkable product.

All our floors utilize our patented flooring technology Stabilised Solid, which combines the structure of engineered flooring and the beauty of solid timber.

All Lifewood floors come with a lifetime warranty and can be sanded and polished multiple times.

Lifewood Timber Flooring Showroom Perth | Virtual Tour


Visit the largest timber flooring showroom in Osborne Park, touch and feel it for yourself. Have a chat with our consultants about Lifewood choices for your home even you don’t buy from us.

D.I.Y Timber And Trade Suppliers

If you are looking to do your own install or repair you can source a range of raw materials from large trade-based wholesalers. These suppliers will also stock a large range of extras materials such as glues and moisture barrier but tend to lack displays and sample products.

Our recommended supplier would be Planet Timber, VCS Timber Products, and BJ Timber Floors, all within 5-minute drive from each other.


What are the different types of timber flooring?

Before going on your journey of finding the right timber floor for your home, understand the different types of flooring you are going to find in the Osborne Park timber flooring stores.


Different Types Of Floor

1. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a plastic shaped piece with a photo of wood grain printed on and mounted on MDF. The average price of laminate flooring is around $50 per square metre supply and install

2. Engineered floors

Engineered timber floors have a veneer of real wood sitting on a plywood substrate. The top layer veneer is between 3 to 7mm thick and can be sanded multiple times, depending on how the floor was installed.

A big advantage to an engineered board, compared to solid, is the board can be pre-finished. This means the boards can be laid and walked on in the same day.

3. Solid Timber flooring

Solid timber flooring is a solid piece or raw timber flooring. This is a premium timber floor but comes with a long and messy installation process.

Walking into a room with a hardwood timber floor is stunning – no wonder people are choosing it for their floors. It creates a warmth and vibrancy like no other. The ideal canvas to model your home. It is beautiful and is neutral enough to blend with most home decor.

Lifewood Stabilised Solid Flooring is 100% hardwood from top to bottom.
Lifewood Oak Timber Floorboard

Final advice when looking for timber flooring in Perth

A final word of advice would be try to be very clear of how it’s going to look in your home. Ask for samples and look at the samples under different light sources. Also, make sure you read the fine print regarding the warranty on your floor. Many timber flooring shops in Perth will not give you a warranty if you float your floor.

If you have any further questions about timber flooring in Perth, please get in touch with the friendly staff of Lifewood Timber Floors.

How does Lifewood timber flooring make differences





Come down to our luxury showroom and have a chat with our timber flooring consultants.