Why Spotted Gum Flooring: The Secret Behind Australia’s Favourite Floor

Lifewood spotted gum flooring
Spotted Gum flooring is the pinnacle of Australiana in your home.

The growing popularity of this timber flooring comes as no surprise to us as we have been a strong promoter of this timber flooring species since day one.  Not only is it an amazingly strong foundation, Spotted Gum flooring also brings the essence of Australian nature into your home.

We consider Spotted Gum to be a super Australian hardwood and today we’re going to explore some of the reasons behind its ever-growing popularity.


 10 reasons why so many people are crazy about Spotted Gum flooring

1. Spotted gum is the most durable of all Australian hardwoods

When it comes to Australian hardwoods, Spotted Gum flooring takes the cake when it comes to being the hardest.

Spotted Gum flooring scores a rating of 11kN of the Janka Hardness Test, a test designed to measure woods resistance to denting and wear. The test is done by measuring how much pressure is required to push a metal ball 15mm deep into the wood.

One kilonewton is roughly 100kg, meaning Spotted Gum would require over a tonne of pressure to indent the surface layer.


2. Lifewood spotted gum floors are available in wide board 180mm 

Traditionally you could only find hardwood timber floors in narrow widths of up to a maximum of 90mm. This was very common in older heritage styled homes, but modern interior design trends are heading towards wider floorboard.

A big advantage of our Stabilised Solid technology is that it allows us to make much wider boards that really showcase the high feature beauty of Spotted Gum.


3. Hassle-free Prefinished Timber Floorboards

Spotted Gum timber floors used to be sold predominantly as solid timber floorboards.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that solid timber flooring cannot be prefinished, making the installation process a much longer and messier ordeal. Luckily, due to our Stabilised Solid structure we’re able to prefinish all our boards in the factory.

A pre-finished floorboard can be laid and walked on the same day. No six week wait for acclimatisation of the boards, no dusty sanding process, and no need to leave your home during the install.

4. Wider and Not Thicker Timber Floorboards

Even though we are now creating Spotted Gum timber flooring in a wider 180mm board, we’re able to maintain the standard 15mm thickness of the board.

In most cases, when you increase the width of a solid timber floorboard, you must also increase the thickness to control the moisture level and prevent the boards from expanding and contracting. Our Stabilised Solid technology has enabled us to drastically increase the boards width whilst maintaining a standard thickness.

This factor is very important in making your home flow together without height and levelling discrepancies.


5. Variance In Tones Makes Lifewood Spotted Gum Floors Very Versatile

The tonal variation from one board to another is what gives a Spotted Gum floor its versatility.

Boards can range from darker brown and red colours, all the way lighter blonde tones. What really brings it all together is the black gum veins running through the boards.

This variance in tone means Spotted Gum flooring can work with lighter or darker interior décor.


 6No Two Spotted Gum Floors Look The Same

Being a natural product, no one floorboard will look the same.

Even though Spotted Gum is becoming a more popular flooring option throughout Australia, the high colour and feature variation means it’s impossible to have two floors look exactly the same.

The grains, the feature, the look and the feel will be unique to your home.


choose spotted gum flooring

7. Feel of prestige and very Australian

The timeless beauty of timber flooring makes it not just a design centrepiece but also an asset for your home.

Our boards are made to stand the test of time and maintain their prestigious look for decades. Our Spotted Gum flooring can be sanded multiple times, each time reviving that natural elegance.

When buying timber flooring you can rest assured that your floor won’t be quickly outdated like tiles and carpet.


8. Bringing nature into your home

The moment you walk onto a Spotted Gum floor you will feel the calming energy of the Australian bushland.

No other flooring option can bring you the warmth like Australian hardwoods. The natural insulation keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and you’ll feel constantly connected to Australian nature.


9. Why Spotted Gum Flooring? Your loved ones will love it

At the end of the day you want a beautiful floor so you can enjoy it with the people you love.

Spotted Gum flooring is durable, it easy to clean, it’s warm and very pleasant to be on. The inviting nature of this floor has an energy that brings people together and makes them feel at home.

Your kids, pets, friends and family will absolutely love it.

Turn your floor into a design centrepiece that radiates the vibrant energy of Australian nature. Visit us here at Lifewood timber flooring Perth and take a walk on our whole range of floors today.

We’d love to help you transform your home with Spotted Gum Flooring.

If you’re looking for a premium quality solid timber flooring solution that can be installed in just days, come and walk on our large selection of Australian timber, and French oak flooring today.

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