Why Wood Flooring?


Beautiful to look at and luxurious under foot, wood flooring is the first impression of who you are, the life you live and the inviting home you create. Your lifestyle, your personality.

 The floor you choose will set the mood for your home. Your furniture, artwork and lighting work in harmony with your floors. In our wood flooring Perth showroom, Lifewood designers take this into account when we walk with you through the choices of colour, texture and plank width of our wood floors. Whether you choose a classic Australian timber, or make a statement of elegance with French Oak, your wooden floor is the one part of your home you should never compromise on quality or craftsmanship.

About Lifewood


We won’t lay a product in your home, that we would not love to lay in our own. Wooden flooring is an investment for life – it must be world-class, and meet your exacting needs. There is no greater contributor to the character of a home than the texture, warmth and personality of wooden floors. It is a timeless feature, that your family can grow with, make memories within.

Over 16 years of designing and manufacturing wooden floors in Perth, our goal was to create the most consistently superior floorboards in the world. We had to search hard for reliable and sustainable timbers; invent our own processes to achieve uncompromising standards, from milling the wood, to business practice. We set a new standard for installation, with our in-house installation training school.

Know you can trust in Lifewood for wooden flooring you will treasure forever.

Australian hardwood Marri timber flooring and Marri staircase in Perth

We can say this, because we created the floorboard technology

Our patented, Stabilised Solid wooden floorboard was created by Lifewood’s owner, Mark Hutchison, who is also a UWA-educated scientist with a long history in timber milling. The key reasons that drove Mark to create this new category of floorboard technology were: Stability, sustainability, and an amazing appearance.

The Stabilised Solid floorboard is guaranteed to stay flat, because of a patented cross-layered core. Using the same timber in the core, and right through the board, means we are using the tree’s own inherent wood fibre strength which holds it upright in the ground, to then hold our floorboards flat.

Surrounding the core, and secured permanently with emission safe glues and moisture protection coating, are two layers from the same timber.  This keeps the finished board highly stable, having the same properties all the way through the board. The most beautiful quality within the wood is used on the top layer, which we will see, in a thick plank which can be sanded many times if required.  Using the whole of the timber like this also reduces waste of our beautiful natural resource, as opposed to traditional solid wood floorboards which only use 30 per cent of the wood and discard the rest.

No other wood flooring company can offer the guarantees Lifewood does. That’s because no other company can offer the same floorboard design.

Lifewood  –  Floors for life, with a lifetime warranty.

A pain free process from start to finish

Every day at Lifewood we strive to manufacture and supply the finest wood flooring in Perth and the world over, but we know that for our customer’s, that means nothing unless the process from choosing a wooden floorboard to laying it, is easy and problem-free for you. From selecting your floor to final installation, Lifewood is the only company you will deal with. We also take full responsibility for any warranty issues and will never make you chase up a warranty with an overseas company.



All Lifewood installers are personally selected by the owner and founder of Lifewood and are trained to meet our high standards. Our installers are craftsmen and pre-plan every job to make sure everything is perfect. You’ll never see uneven joins, or unsightly plastic or metal trims. We’ll even assign a dedicated site manager to make sure the finish on your floor exceeds your expectations.

The natural charm of Australian Timber

At Lifewood, we provide a range of the best Australian hardwood, including Spotted Gum, Eastern States or NSW Blackbutt, Jarrah and Marri, for you to choose from.

For a floor with impact, Spotted Gum wooden floors are instantly striking, due to the range of tones in the timber.  One of our most durable hardwoods, this feature floor is stunning in wide open spaces, or blends seamlessly with all styles and colours of interior design due to its variety of hues.

For a contemporary canvas of golden brown and pinkish hues, Eastern States, or NSW Blackbutt floorboards fit with many styles of home. From Scandi, to coastal to ultra-modern or olde-world charm, NSW Blackbutt feels warm in winter, breezy in summer, is great for open spaces and flexible for all looks and lifestyles.

Rich and luxurious, Jarrah hardwood floors are a lush rose colour, the ultimate in warmth and comfort when you enter your home. They speak to a lifestyle of contentment, and a grand Australian heritage.

Visually exciting Marri wooden flooring is feature-filled, with a combination of lighter tones with characteristic black gum veins, which are the result of the Marri tree’s exposure to bushfires. These floors will be the talking point of your home.

Fanatical about French Oak

French Oak is, without doubt, the premium choice in wood flooring. It’s wide, long floorboards are reminiscent of the flooring seen in grand European halls. Customers repeatedly feed back how much they love their French Oak floor.

Tight grains and characteristic knots result from the tree’s slow growing nature, giving your home a feeling of uniqueness.  French Oak wood flooring ages well and is extremely durable. The beauty of this choice in wood flooring, is that, unlike other oak species, due to the tannin in the wood, French Oak responds well to staining.

This means we can offer you a wide range of unique colours, making choosing the floor for your home enjoyable and easy.


Over 6,500 happy customers and counting …

“At Lifewood, we believe every home should be filled with happy memories. This is why we work so hard to ensure your timber flooring experience is faultless.”     

Jane & Dave, Applecross

” This is why we work so hard to ensure your timber flooring experience is faultless.”     

Monica & Steve, City Beach

“At Lifewood, we believe every home should be filled with happy memories. This is why we work so hard to ensure your timber flooring experience is faultless.”     

Kimberly & John, North Perth

Ten reasons to have Lifewood in your home

  1. Our flooring is designed to handle moisture, making it a great choice for kitchens.
  2. All of our floors are designed with scratch resistant technology.
  3. We guarantee for life that your floorboards will not warp or cup.
  4. Our floors are easy to clean and maintain and will continue to look good over time.
  5. In the event of an accident, we can easily repair or replace individual floorboards.
  6. Your floor can be re-sanded and polished, multiple times.
  7. Both the manufacturer’s warranty and product warranty is covered by us. One contact, a simple solution.
  8. Our 10 layer non-yellowing coating system will stop any premature ageing of your floor.
  9. Our floorboards are engineered, using our Stabilised Solid technology, to resist the natural movement of solid timber, including shrinking and expansion, which causes cupping.
  10. We have perfected our primary aim to make the whole process smooth, easy and trouble-free for our customers.

How does Lifewood timber flooring make differences





Come down to our luxury showroom and have a chat with our timber flooring consultants.