5 Easy Tips for Creating Hamptons Style

Jul 7, 2023 | Flooring trends

French Oak timber flooring paired with these tips brings the Hamptons to life.

Homes in the Hamptons exude laidback luxury and anyone can create this relaxed and refined coastal feel with just a few simple steps. Typical Hamptons style starts with a light, natural or striking dark toned timber and our French Oak Collection is the perfect solution for your Hamptons dream home. Discover some simple steps you can take to bring that elegant feel to your home, just like some of our stunning Floor of the Week’s.

1. Roomy Living Spaces

One of the most iconic trends of recent years has been the rise of wide-plank flooring. By featuring wider planks than traditional flooring, this style imbues a space with a sense of modernity and grandeur.

It’s a design statement that speaks to the luxurious nature of the home and can transform the look of any space.

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2. Combine warm neutrals with coastal blues

Hamptons style is known for it’s relaxed elegance. Spacious and airy, with whites, warm greys, light browns, cool blues, and a natural timber floor. With an emphasis on light, both natural and artificial, each room feels open and uncluttered. Natural elements are layered such the timber flooring, light wood furniture, soft blue upholstery creating spaces that invite you to relax.

Hamptons Floor options:

3. Set for conversation

Spaces for entertaining and conversation are an essential part of Hamptons style. Set comfortable, upholstered couches  facing each other with room to move but close enough for relaxed conversation. Accent chairs and rugs that zone an area within the floor plan also strengthen the Hamptons feel.  

4. Amplify cosy luxury

Hamptons living is incomplete without oversized lounges and accent chairs with rounded edges creating an opulent feel. Seeking a balance between comfort and ornate detail is desirable.
Hamptons Style FrenchOak ShouSugiBan Livingroom

5. Kitchen features

A classic Hamptons style kitchen includes white, detailed cabinetry with high elegant skirting. Farmhouse sinks, light-filled sash windows and white tiled splash backs are also key features that bring this style to life.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are becoming more important to customers. Many manufacturers are using sustainable forestry practices and eco-friendly finishes and adhesives in their products.

This trend is perfect for those who want to make a positive impact on the environment while also adding a touch of luxury to their home..

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