Awarded Innovative Nature’s Steel a game changer

Product: Natures Steel French Oak Smoked 180mm

Enjoy the aesthetic appeal a Lifewood floor, now enhanced by a uniquely designed, patented bamboo core layer, for a cost effective, long lasting timber floor

The bamboo core of our design offers a stronger, more durable alternative to the softwoods used in other floors on the market..

The result is a cost effective flooring option that not only radiates beauty but also effectively controls board movements and eradicates the risk of boards cupping or warping over time.

It’s all thanks to our ingenious bamboo integration. Each board in our Nature’s Steel range benefits from our patented cross-engineered core layer. Using bamboo in the middle layer to produce a durable and long lasting timber floor.

You get all the style and sophistication you’ve come to expect from Lifewood, with a pleasing twist that’s kinder to your wallet.

Created in our most popular French Oaks – Natural, Limed Wash, Smoked and Black Forest –  and Australian timbers – Spotted Gum and Blackbutt we’re excited to share this new product with you.


Natures Steel French Oak Smoked Installation

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