Discover The Hardness and Durability Of Your Floor With The Janka Rating

Is the Janka Rating Important?

The Janka rating is an industry-standard for testing the hardness and durability of a wooden floorboard or surface. The higher the rating the more durable the floorboard is, but don’t let that be the only defying factor when it comes to choosing your floor.

Learn More About The Janka Hardness Test

Although the Janka rating is a good indicator as to how resistant the floor is to high pressure and denting, when it comes to scratches, aging, and general wear and tear you must also consider coatings and the occupant’s lifestyles.

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Note: The result is measured in Kilo-newtons (kN)


Janka Hardness Rating of Marri (kN)


Janka Hardness Rating of Blackbutt (kN)


Janka Hardness Rating of Jarrah (kN)


Janka Hardness Rating of Spotted Gum (kN)


Janka Hardness Rating of Bamboo (kN)


Janka Hardness Rating of French Oak (kN)

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