The 8 Best Timber Floors From 2022

Feb 16, 2023 | Flooring trends

Get inspired with these beautifully designed homes

Reflecting on the diverse and beautiful homes we’ve had the pleasure of installing in 2022, we’ve unearthed some popular choices.

From the natural and calming palette of some of our Australian timbers to the striking and richly toned darker French Oaks, there is a fascinating range of styles to suit all inteiror styles.

Here are the top 8…

8. French Oak Black Forest

Black Forest French Oak flooring is the perfect base timber for creating an elegant foundation for Hamptons style design.

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7. Spotted Gum 

Spotted Gum was the choice of flooring from the start and instantly gave direction to our clients interior style. With flooring decided every other interior style choice was made easier.

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6. French Oak Black Forest

Lifewood’s Black Forest timber flooring provides a breathtaking contrast of rich, dark hues and striking patterns that adds depth and character in our client’s new home.

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5. French Oak Charcoal

Adding another Hamptons style home to the list, this time with a modern rustic approach using Charcoal from our French Oak collection.

See our Charcoal French Oak collection

4. French Oak Driftwood

Our client wanted to brighten up their 1940’s home with a contemporary look whilst maintaining some of that 40’s style.

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3. French Oak Shou Sugi Ban

Our Shou Sugi Ban timber is a very sought after option in our French Oak range and really brings a high level of elegance and versatilty for all interiors styles.

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2. French Oak Natural

This freshly built home is even more stunning with the warm tones and unique grains found in Natural French Oak flooring. Our clients mentioned how important the floor was in the design phase and how amazing it feels underfoot.

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1. Coastal Blackbutt

One of our most commented on featured floors from 2022 was our Coastal Blackbutt flooring in this new family home. Coastal Blackbutt flooring is the perfect balance of natural tones and warm colours making the home look elegant yet comfortable and inviting.

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French Oak Charcoal Staircase design
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