Timber Flooring


You’ll love your timber floor, because we loved creating it. At Lifewood, world-leaders in timber flooring based in Perth, we immerse ourselves in the whole process of creating your hardwood floors.


We hand select the best grades of timber, working to enhance their natural beauty with specialist cutting techniques. We apply our world-first patented Stabilised Solid technology, to ensure your timber flooring will not cup, warp or discolour.  Being hands-on from the start means we can guarantee, with a lifetime warranty, that your floor will be as perfect on day one, as it will be for life.

Lifewood founder and owner, Mark Hutchison, was born and bred in the southwest of Western Australia and has a heritage in milling timber, as well as a science degree from the University of WA. For over 16 years, he has been dedicated to researching and providing the world’s best and most reliable hardwood timber floorboards

We want to deliver a gorgeous product and faultless experience with our company, which you will treasure for life.

Australian Timber Collection

Choose from our range of stunning Australian hardwood, including Spotted Gum, Eastern States or NSW Blackbutt, Jarrah and Marri.

Spotted Gum timber floors are instantly striking in your home, due to the array of tones in the timber.  One of our most durable hardwoods, it is a stunning feature floor in a wide open space, or a base which blends seamlessly with all styles and colours of interior design.

Eastern States, or NSW Blackbutt floorboards are a contemporary canvas of golden-brown tone, with pinkish hues. Warm in winter, breezy in summer, great for open spaces, they are flexible for all looks and lifestyles, from Scandi, to coastal to ultra-modern or olde-world.

Jarrah hardwood floors are a rich rose colour, the ultimate in warmth and comfort when you enter your home. They speak to a grand Australian heritage, a lifestyle of luxury.

Marri timber flooring is visually exciting, interesting and feature-filled, with a combination of lighter tones with characteristic black gum veins, which are the result of the Marri tree’s exposure to bushfires. Stunning is the only word for these floors

French Oak Collection

French Oak timber flooring customers sincerely love their floors. It is, without doubt, the premium choice in timber flooring.

The tree’s slow growing nature results in tight grains and characteristic knots that provide unique decorative features. It also creates an extremely durable product that ages well. Unlike other oak species, French Oak responds well to staining, due to the tannin in the wood.

This favourable reaction to staining allows us to produce a wide range of unique and customised colours, most of which cannot be achieved with other timbers.

Bamboozle Bamboo Collection

Bamboozle® bamboo floors feel similar to hardwood but they look distinctly different. The variety of natural colours in the Bamboozle range occur as the bamboo is heated. Caramel exudes a warmth that is perennially inviting,
harmonious in most settings and, not surprisingly, very popular.

Unlike hardwood floors, bamboo is not harvested from trees. It is, in fact, one of the largest, ecologically sustainable and renewable grasses in the world. It grows rapidly in the wild, replenishing itself in just a few years.

Bamboo floor planks are manufactured by slicing or shredding the stalk of the bamboo, and then adhering the pieces back together using heat, pressure, and an adhesive. Using a unique and patented stabilising process, cross layering provides superb strength, hardness and durability.

Why choose Lifewood?

Our business is based in integrity, from the genuine, passionate design consultants you first see in our timber flooring Perth showroom, to the hand-crafted floor we place in your home.  Every step must be trustworthy.

We have invested many years in perfecting our technology to create the perfect timber board. Each and every engineered timber floorboard we lay, embodies a history of timber milling, combined with scientific technology to give you a totally reliable product. We could not provide lifetime warranties without this absolute confidence.

Using the back sawn method, for cutting timber, allows us to reveal the true beauty and unique patterns from within the timber. It’s a much more technical and time-consuming process, but the end result is stunning for our customers.

We no longer live in a world where one can ignore sustainable practices.  Every day when you walk on your timber flooring, you want to feel luxury underfoot and pride in your ethics.  For every floor we lay, we plant trees. Every Lifewood floorboard uses the entire piece of timber – not only the pretty parts then discarding the majority of the timber, as in traditional wooden boards.  Our unique Stabilised Solid timber flooring employs functional log cuts, maximising the use of the tree and minimising waste, without compromising appearance or quality.

The timeless look of timber

Interior design trends wax and wane… And then there are those solid investments you make in your home. There is no doubt that beautiful flooring is a seriously considered asset.

Besides adding style and quality, a hardwood timber floor will unquestionably add value to your home because, unlike other flooring coverings such as tiles, vinyl or even carpet, a timber floor is timeless. The ageless look of timber is so well established that tile manufacturers have begun to mimic the look of timber grains, and make longer, thinner tiles so that when laid they emulate timber. However, a tile does not feel the same as a sumptuous timber floor: There can only be one original. Timber is a wonderful living, natural product in your home, and is of no comparison to its synthetic counterparts.

Natural timber flooring is classically neutral; the background palette upon which other interior design accessories may shine – paint choice, rugs, furniture, decorations. It feels good to know your investment will stand the test of time.

Longer, wider boards are increasingly being specified by everyone from residential customers, to large commercial projects. They perfectly display all the texture and intricate detail of this wonderful natural product.