Grey Ironbark the best kept secret


The secret is out, Grey Ironbark’s colour and grain make this timber a beautiful and sustainable option for those seeking a richly coloured, traditional timber floor

Take a walk through two homes installed with Grey Ironbark

“.. Grey Ironbark is increasingly the preferred choice

for those looking at Jarrah..”

Perhaps less well known in Western Australia, Grey Ironbark is increasingly the preferred choice for those looking at Jarrah as their go-to timber flooring. At times Jarrah can be elusive to find and as Lifewood prides itself on using only sustainable timber, Grey Ironbark is a excellent alternative with it’s nutty reddish tones and tight cathedral grain. Not only has it been a popular choice in flooring for many years, it’s high Janka rating (14kN) has seen it used for furniture, boats, decking, construction, and even sporting goods.  This richly toned timber is worth considering as a beautiful alternative to Jarrah. 


This week’s reviews

“My partner and I bought our first home a few months ago and had major renovations done as it was quite an old house. The first thing we did was replace the carpets with Lifewood Spotted Gum floors. It has absolutely transformed our home and the quality of the timber is unbelievable. We had so many tradies walk through the house with heavy machinery and we’ve barely had any scratches on the floors! We had Mark install our floors by hand, all by himself, in 3 days! From start to finish it was the highest standard of product and service.

Thankyou to everyone at Lifewood and particularly Mark for all your hard work and for making our dream home a reality!”

Veena K.


“Lifewood were generous with their information and samples. And they arranged the whole process, from slate removal, surface grinding to floorboard laying… We thought the slate removal would be noisy and dusty, Noisy yes but turning on the aircon forced the dust outside, and we had covered the blinds, so the dust only got on the protecting plastic. And none of the kitchen cabinetwork was damaged. Grinding the slab was quick, just a few high points to flatten out. And the laying of the floorboards was brisk.

All up, the refurbishment process took five days and now our floor is light, smooth and elegant. Most satisfactory.

Neil and Gillian.


“Huge thanks to the Lifewood team, very happy with the final result! Glad we kept looking until we found exactly what we were after!”



Job and Installation Information

Type of Job: Installation of Lifewood’s  Grey Ironbark timber flooring.
  • Lifewood Timber flooring,  Grey Ironbark 180mm wide  pre-finished Stabilised Solid.
  •  Satin finish with 9-layered polyurethane UV protective coating.
Total Flooring Areas:
  • Entry
  • Kitchen
  • Family room
  • Dining room
  • Passageway
Job Details:
  • Install Lifewood  Grey Ironbark to home renovation

Lifewood’s Grey Ironbark is a real Australian hardwood floorboard made with our patented design structure

All our floors are engineered using our patented Stabilised Solid® design. This design uniquely combines the look and feel of solid timber flooring with an advanced engineered structure. Only available at Lifewood.

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