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“Transforming over 8,500+ Perth homes, Lifewood stands as a leader in engineered timber flooring solutions. Our innovative and award-winning designs have left an indelible mark on the cityscape. Explore our exclusive selection of Australian hardwood timber, luxurious French Oak, and exquisite American Timber.

With an unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing, we meticulously select the finest timber for our wood flooring. Every single floorboard is a testament to our patented design and precision manufacturing process. Our comprehensive offerings encompass not only supply but also professional wood flooring installation packages, all underpinned by our lifetime warranty.

The marriage of handcrafted wood floorboard artistry and ecological integrity sets Lifewood apart. Our designs are not only visually striking but also aligned with sustainability values. Lifewood is synonymous with the most exceptional timber flooring Perth has to offer, encapsulating elegance that endures.”

Kitchen with Marri Timber Flooring

Enrich your home with beautiful Australian timber flooring.

Much like the vast landscapes of our majestic countryside, Australian hardwood timber floors exhibit remarkable durability, a rich palette of colours, and breathtaking beauty. It’s no wonder that Australian hardwood timber stands as an immensely popular choice for flooring.


Experience true elegance with our stylish range of French Oak flooring.

French Oak timber flooring exudes an elegance that is truly unparalleled in any other flooring product. Its enduring appeal has not waned over the years. In fact, with the advent of Lifewood’s extra-long and extra-wide floorboards, its demand has surged even further.

Driftwood French Oak Flooring Gilfillan


Clearance On All Floor Stock Tables

Sommia Stone Top with Black Walnut pedestal legs

Was $11,330 Now $7,499

French Oak Dining table

Was $7,555 Now $3,500

Morpheus Stone Top with campfire legs

Was $13,999 Now $8,499

Kitchen with American timber flooring

Walk on our exclusive American timber flooring collection.

Experience it for yourself – visit our showroom and explore our distinctive range of North American timbers. Each timber boasts its own unique blend of color, style, texture, and feel, providing an unparalleled tactile encounter.


Limed Wash French Oak

Australian Marri Timber

French Oak Black Forest


Create a design centrepiece with a handcrafted timber flooring staircase.

Natural French Oak

Blackbutt Timber Flooring


Limed Wash French Oak

Australian Marri Timber

French Oak Black Forest

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What makes a Lifewood timber floors so special?

The Lifewood patented Stabilised Solid technology creates a unique, highly reliable, solid engineered timber floorboard. We are 100% confident that our patented Lifewood wood floorboards will not cup or warp, and we guarantee them with a lifetime warranty.
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Scratch resistant coating


4 x resandable surface


Moisture resistant design


Patented core technology


Premium grade top board


Same timber top and bottom


Moisture barrier coating


Our timber flooring specialists will help you find the perfect floor for your home.

In just 30 minutes our consultants can understand the scope of your project, work with your design needs and walk you through all of our hardwood flooring options.

Bring your house plan and we will measure it on the spot and give you a formal quote with samples to take home.

Tony George



Walk on our entire range of handcrafted Australian timber floors at our Osborne Park showroom today.

Our highly experienced team of timber flooring consultants are here to make sure you make the ideal choice.

Over a cup of tea or coffee, we’re able to take you through the most beautiful selection of wood flooring Perth has to offer, help you with any design decisions, measure your plan, and quote you on the spot.

18 Hector Street West, Lifewood Timber Flooring Perth Supplier, Osborne Park.


We guarantee all of our timber flooring is from sustainable sources.

We know how precious this natural resource is, which is why we take great care to ensure all of our timber is sourced from sustainable forestry. It’s important to us to maintain harmony and ensure there is a balance between the needs of our customers and the needs of the environment.

We plant trees to replace every floor in partnership with Trillion Trees.


Hear from some of our clients with Lifewood timber flooring in Perth

From the design stage to the timber floor preparation, and post-installation follow-up, our team is ready to take care of the whole process seamlessly and effortlessly. Just choose your favourite wood flooring with the help of a Lifewood consultant, and we will take care of the rest.


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Timber Flooring FAQ

How to choose a timber floor?

How to choose a timber flooring that matches your lifestyle? When choosing a timber floor, consider your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Check different species, finish, plank size, and installation style that a appropriate for the space and traffic. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various types of wood, installation methods. Here are a few important things to do before you purchase:


  • Examine various timber flooring options to get the one that best meets your requirements and budget.
  • Consider elements like your home interior design, the room (kitchen, living, bedroom), space, and the traffic.
  • Check the durability and hardness of the timber species, choose the one suits your need best.
  • Consult with a timber flooring expert for assistance on different finishes and installation techniques.
  • Of course, compare prices and quality from different providers.
  • Find professional installers to guarantee a superior work.
  • Make sure the maintenance is not too hard.

For more details, please check out our blog article: How To Choose A Timber Floor Perfect For Your Home


Why choose prefinished timber flooring?

One of the most important steps to purchasing timber floors is deciding whether you want to go for prefinished or unfinished hardwood.

While unfinished has been a classic choice for many years, advantages and clear benefits of prefinished timber flooring make it a more desirable choice for most homeowners. Here are some of the benefits of prefinished timber flooring:

  • Easier and faster installation
    • Installation of prefinished timber flooring is quick and easy, because the floorboards have already coated in a factory setting. While unfinished floors need to be sanded, stained, and sealed on-site. All these steps take time, and with noise, dust and toxic smells go along with the installation.
  • Lower installation costs
    • Because there is no on-site sanding, staining, sealing etc, the installation of prefinished timber flooring is not only faster, usually cheaper as well.
  • Less mess and non-toxic
    • Installation of prefinished flooring has no toxins and less mess and noise. This is very important advantage for households with pets, children, or people with allergies.
  • More Durable
    • Prefinished hardwood is finished in a strictly-controlled factory setting. This makes it more durable, and the finish itself usually comes under manufacturer warranty, which is substantially better than any contractor warranty. While site-finished floors last 3-5 years, most prefinished floors can last for decades. You can easily get a life-time warranty when you buy prefinished flooring.
  • Better colour and texture
    • Factory prefinished timber floors are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes. This helps keep a great look and feel of your floor, easier to match your interior design.

Click here to find out more about the difference between solid timber flooring and engineered timber flooring.

Why so many Perth home owners choose Lifewood Stabilised-Solid timber flooring?

Lifewood has created a revolutionary new board which incorporates the benefits of both solid timber flooring and engineered timber flooring.

Lifewood founder Mark first created this Stabilised-Solid technology out of desperation to save his original business Bamboozle from bankruptcy. The biggest problem with bamboo flooring was finding a method to create a solid board that stays flat.

Coming from both an artistic family on his mother’s side, and a lineage of inventors and botanists from his father’s side, what really drives Mark was his passion for creating innovate solutions to complex problems. Since developing this technology for the bamboo market, Mark has extended it’s functionality for timber flooring and transformed Bamboozle into Lifewood Handcrafted Flooring to fit our extensive range of timbers.

We call this technology Stabilised Solid and it has enabled us to create a solid floorboard that can be pre-finished, sanded, and polished up to 5 times. Its versatility allows us to create all kinds of sizes and colour blends.

Stabilised Solid has 3 layers of solid timber (top 5mm, middle 5mm, bottom 5mm), the middle layer being the essential core layer. This core layer is lined with timber sections all laid on a right angle giving it the ability to yield the natural movement of its environment, holding this movement entirely within its core.

Not only does this prevent the big issue of solid timber expanding and contracting, we have also gone to great lengths to make our board much more scratch and water-resistant. All our boards have very low VOC emitting coating which we apply to all 6 sides of every board.

This means you can have a floor that looks amazing and feel at ease that it’s not going to be easily damaged.

Click here to find out the full introduction of our patented Stabilised-Solid timber flooring technology.