Blackbutt Timber Floor Renovation

Perth, Hillarys

See a recent flooring renovation where our team of craftsmen install 160 metres and a staircase in just 5 days… ready to walk on immediately!

In this timber floor renovation we transformed the clients new home with Blackbutt timber flooring, seamlessly and conveniently before they moved in

1. First encounter with Lifewood

After visiting our showroom and speaking with our consultants about their flooring renovation, it was clear that our NSW Blackbutt would not only work in with the characteristics of existing features but also enhance a modern feel.

2. We visited the home 

Our consultant met with the owner on site to measure the area and confirm the details of the flooring renovation project. Specifically the details of the staircase, removing the existing flooring and leveling requirements which needed adjustment prior to the installation.


Timber Floor Renovation Begins…

3. Day 1 of installation 

After we were given a start date from the client to begin the flooring renovation, we then started the process of removing all the existing flooring.

Our team on day 1 removed all carpet, delivered material and set about preparing the sub-floor for installation to begin the following day.

4. Day 2 of installation

Final prep-work on the ground floor was completed whilst installation begun on the upper floor.

5. Day 3 of installation

Completed upper floor and began working on the staircase.

6. Day 4 of installation

Completed staircase and begun works on the ground floor.

7. Day 5 of installation

Completed timber flooring renovation on the ground floor, applied beading, felted clients furniture, cleaned up site and disposed of all rubbish.

Our Gold Package has been designed to make the installation of a new floor simple, quick and convenient, perfect for your flooring renovation.

Timber Floor Renovation Information

Type of Job: Supply and installation of Lifewood’s premium NSW Blackbutt timber flooring for flooring renovation

Product: Blackbutt timber flooring, 130mm wide pre-finished Stabilised Solid

Coating: Semi-gloss finish with 7-layered polyurethane UV protective coating

Total areas size: 168 square metres

Areas Covered:

  • Ground floor alfresco
  • 2 steps to the garage
  • 16 stairs with Blackbutt nosings and risers, 1 return and top step, 2 x landings
  • Upper floor balcony
  • Upper floor living area meeting up to kitchen tiles

Installation time: 5 days

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