Marri brings sentimental value to new home 

create a relaxed space you’ll love to retreat to

‘Our Marri 180mm wide boards were chosen, bringing a familiar and memorable warmth to their home’

When renovating became too challenging, the decision was made to demolish and build a new home.

But there was one element of the old home our client loved so much, they knew it would have to feature in their new home. Linking their past to the present our Marri 180mm wide boards were chosen, bringing a familiar and memorable warmth to their home.

The interior style works effortlessly to give the timber centre stage. Blacks, whites and soft blues and yellows bring elegance, complimenting the flooring rather than competing with it.

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Take an inspiring walk through this new family home created to keep memories and build on them too!


“To the team at Lifewood flooring, cannot thank you enough for the stunning floors and service you provided.Your communications as a contractor are professional and responsive.

To our floor artist Danny, your workmanship and craftsmanship is outstanding and our masterpiece is perfect.


Steve and Liz

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Job and Installation Information

Type of Job:
  • This home has been installed with Marri 180mm boards, in the Satin finish.
  • Lifewood Timber flooring, West Australian timber – Marri – 180mm wide  pre-finished Stabilised Solid.
  •  Satin finish with 9-layered polyurethane UV protective coating.
Total Flooring Areas:
  • Entry
  • Staircase
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Lounge room
  • Passage
  • Upstairs living room and  landing
Job Details:
  • Floor preparation, minimal levelling and application of Moisture Barrier.
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